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Competition Rules

The competitions are divided into three grades, namely Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

depending on the ability of the photographer. There is a separate trophy for each grade. Beginners will automatically progress to Intermediate after two full seasons or after winning the class. Intermediate and Advanced operate on a league basis with promotion to, and demotion from the Advanced class. If an intermediate has been promoted into the Advanced group, they do not have to move, but can remain in the Immediate group if they so wish.

The Club provides competitions in the form of PRINT and PROJECTED DIGITAL IMAGES (PDI) as follows:

Print Trophy Four rounds spread throughout the year consisting of 2 prints per photographer per round. Each print is critiqued by an external judge and awarded a mark out of 10. Marks for each round are recorded for each photographer and at the end of the season the total marks for all 4 rounds are calculated. The trophy is awarded to the photographer with the highest total mark.

PDI Trophy This is conducted in the same manner as the Print Trophy.

Print of the Year at the end of the season each photographer can select up to two prints from those they have entered in that season's competitions. Beginners retain their own section but Intermediate and Advanced are judged as a collective.

PDI of the Year This is conducted in the same manner as the Print of the Year.

Set Subject (Print & PDI) At the end of each season members are asked to suggest themes for the following years competition. Two random subjects are drawn from the suggestions. There is a different subject for Prints and PDI's. Members are allowed to enter up to two Prints or two PDI's or one of each.

Three of a Theme (Prints) Members enter three prints on a related subject of their own choosing. This can be in the form of three separate prints or three on one mount.

Three of a Theme (PDI's) Each photographer may enter one digital image that contains the three separate images that relate to a particular subject of the photographers choosing.

Team Competition This is a constantly evolving fun evening. For example, previous seasons have seen competitions between the female and the male members, pub quiz style etc. All good fun!

EXTERNAL COMPETITIONS - The Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF).

As a club we feel that we advance our level of photography by competing in certain external competitions to see how we stand alongside other clubs in the region. The Southern Counties Photographic Federation (SCPF) have organised a league based competition for both prints and PDI, however, we are currently not entering these competitions.

Each of the divisions in the league comprises seven clubs and during the season the prints or PDI’s are judged at each of the clubs (by rotation) in the division. In both prints and PDI’s each club submits 8 images for judging. At the end of the season points scored are added up and a promotion/relegation system is applied, two clubs will be promoted and two relegated. After all league matches have been completed there is the Finals Day. Every club which has participated in the league enters this competition. The highest print and PDI of each club is judged against all other clubs and a winner and runner up is chosen, we then have a best print and PDI for the season.Each year the SCPF invites clubs to enter print and PDI images for submission to the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB) Inter-Federation Competition. At present each club can decide on whether they enter the open section where they display fifteen images and or PDI’s or whether they enter the small section where they enter ten images and or PDI’s. The top two of each section then represent the SCPF at Warwick for the PDI’s or Connah’s Quay for prints in the PAGB Competition.In January the SCPF holds its annual exhibition. Towards the end of the previous year clubs send in six prints and eight PDI images which are displayed in January normally at Salisbury Library. These images are not only viewed by SCPF members but also by other clubs throughout the country as well as the public. Awards are given for both club and individuals.  


Each year there are two other external competitions. Firstly, the “3H’s” between Havant, Horndean and Hayling Island Camera Clubs and the hosting of the competition rotates between the clubs. Each club submits 10 prints and the same number of PDI’s with judging by an SCPF accredited judge. Hayling have won a couple of times which is always good!

Secondly we have what is called the “Selsey Battle” which, in fact is a friendly competition between ourselves and Selsey Camera Club and the venue is rotated between the two clubs.


Prints may be home or trade processed and all prints must be mounted on suitable board for competitions. Beginners prints are limited to a maximum size of A4 (210 x 297mm) and prints for all grades should be presented on mounts no larger than 50x40cm. The title of the print and the photographers name should be on the back of the mount in the top left hand corner. A template of these stickers is available on the website which you can print. Particular care should be taken in the use of glues or tapes when mounting so as not to leave a sticky residue which may damage other prints. If you have any questions regarding mounting, please ask one of the committee members and they can help.

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