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Competition Rules

1. Trophy Competitions: There will be four Print and four Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competitions in each season plus any others as the Committee shall decide.

2. Set Subject Competition: Members will be invited to suggest possible set subjects and after vetting set subjects will be decided by public draw at the Club’s last meeting of the previous season with different subjects for Prints and Projected Digital Image. Since there is only one trophy each for Prints and PDI all entries will compete equally, regardless of the grade of the photographer.

Members may submit up to 2 entries in either or both Prints and PDI.

3. Three of a Theme Competition: Three Prints on a set subject and/or three Images presented on one Projected Digital Image on a different subject may be

submitted by each member. Members choose their own subject. (If time does not permit for this Competition within the season’s programme it may be suspended for

one season).

4. Grades: For the purpose of entering Prints and Projected Digital Images into competitions each member’s work is graded, according to ability (except Beginners

Grade), into either Advanced or Intermediate. A member may be in a different grade for Prints and PDI.

Members must have paid subscriptions in order to enter Competitions. On joining the Club new members who wish to enter Competitions may either enter Beginners

Grade (if they have no experience) or Intermediate. If the Competition Secretaries believe a ‘Beginner’ would flourish more in Intermediate, they will be encouraged to go straight into that Grade. If new members feel that their work is of sufficient quality to be classed as Advanced then they may submit a panel or prints and/or projected digital images to the Competition Secretaries for consideration to be classed as Intermediate. A member wishing to query a grading may appeal to the Committee.

5. Number of Entries: Members may submit up to three (but probably 2) Prints or three (but probably 2) Projected Digital Images in each appropriate Competition.

Actual number of entries will be notified at start of season.

The entries should be marked in order of preference to enable the Competition Secretaries to withdraw the ‘least favoured’ entry from the Competition in the event of the overall entry being too great a quantity for meaningful appraisal by the judge for that Competition.

6. Entry Date: All Competition entries must be handed into the appropriate Competition Secretary not later than the meeting prior to the Competition.
Failure to do this may result in rejection of entry.

Entry dates may be further specified by the competition secretary
when considered necessary.

7. PDI Entries: Projected Digital Images are to be submitted on a CD or USB flash drive as .jpg or .jpeg files with a maximum size of 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. The CD/flash drive shall be identified by name and grade and show preference as in 5 above.
Entries may alternatively be emailed to the PDI Competition Secretary at:

8. Print Entries: Prints may be home or trade processed. Every Print shall bear its title and the photographer’s name on the reverse. Beginner’s images should be no more than A4 (210 x 297mm). Prints from all three Grades should be presented on mounts no larger than 50 x 40 cm. Where orientation may not be clear ‘TOP’ should be marked on the reverse.

9. Judging: Each class of Print or Projected Digital Image will be judged separately in each Trophy Competition.

10. Marking: Marks shall be awarded out of 10 for both Print and Projected Digital Image Competitions.

Certificates will be awarded for images with 9.5 or 10 and one of ‘Best of Each Class’ from which the ‘Picture of the Evening’ will be selected.

11. Progression from Beginners to Intermediate:

Progression from Beginners Grade to Intermediate is mandatory after competing for two full seasons or after winning the Beginners Class the previous year.
Members who go into higher Grades than Beginners will not be allowed to re-enter Beginners Grade in future seasons.
The purpose of this is to encourage their progress in photography and to allow other entrants in Beginners Grade a chance of winning in future seasons.

12. Progression from Intermediate to Advanced: Progression to Advanced grade will be subject to scores gained over the course of the previous season. The two highest scorers will be promoted. It may be that not enough members have progressed sufficiently to be promoted. In this case the Competition Secretary will recommend to the committee that one or none should progress.

13. Re-grading Advanced to Intermediate Grade: The Advanced Grade will be subject to the scores achieved during the previous season with the two lowest scorers being re graded to Intermediate.

The Competition Secretary will give consideration to members who have for good reason been unable to enter all rounds. By undertaking this review annually, it will ensure that the Advanced grade remains at a high standard and provides keen competition for its members.

14. Number of times Images may be submitted: Any image may only be submitted for the Trophy or Set Subject Competitions twice – this may be twice as a Projected Digital Image or twice as a Print or once as a Projected Digital Image and once as a Print.

15. Copyright: All the original component images of work submitted into competition must be the exclusive work of the author. The use of copyright free images is not allowed.

16. Awards:

Trophy Competitions: Trophies are awarded to the

winners of:

Prints: Beginners. Intermediate. Advanced

PDI: Beginners. Intermediate. Advanced

These will be awarded for the highest total mark obtained in the respective Trophy Competitions.
In the event of a tie the winner will be decided from the greatest number of Certificates of Merit in the relevant Trophy Competition.

In the event of this still resulting in a tie, then the winner will be decided from the highest number of ‘Picture of the Evening’ awards in the relevant Trophy Competitions. If still a tie, then the Trophy will be held by the joint winners for equal parts of the year.

Print and Projected Digital Image of the Year:

Members may enter two prints and two Projected Digital Images of their choice, subject to those prints and PDI having been entered in a Trophy Competition during the current season (members will be advised if the number of entries fall below two to facilitate meaningful appraisal by the judge). There will be a Trophy for Beginners Print of the Year and a Trophy for Beginners Projected Digital Image of the Year. Intermediate and Advanced will be judged together and Trophies will be awarded for Print of the Year and Projected Digital Image of the Year.

The Frank Goatcher Memorial Trophy will be awarded for Projected Digital Image of the Year Competition.

A member may not enter Beginner of the Year Competition as well as Print of the Year Competition.

The Howard Lambie Trophy will be awarded for the best monochrome image in the Print and Projected Digital Image of the Year Competition (to include Beginners Grade)

Best Progress Trophy will be awarded to the club member who, in the opinion of the committee, has shown the most improvement in their photography during the season.

The President’s Shield shall be awarded at the discretion of the President to the member who, in the President’s opinion, has made an outstanding contribution to the Club during the season.

The Lee Filters Millennium Cup shall be awarded to the Club Exhibition Winner.

The Gill Smith Memorial Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Set Subject Print Competition.

The Reg Barrett Trophy will be awarded to the winner of the Set Subject Projected Digital Image Competition.

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