Our 2020 - 2021 Committee Members

Data Protection Policy

Approved by HICC Committee 1st June 2018

Next review date 1st June 2021

The HICC is established with the objectives set out in its Membership Handbook to serve the interests of its members.

A copy of this Data Protect Policy is attached as an Appendix to the Members Handbook which is provided to each member annually on payment of their subscription.

HICC is a “not for profit” organisation and as such has exemption from the requirement to notify.

HICC needs to collect personal contact information about its members to support and administer HICC activities and is restricted to the following information:



Telephone number(s)

E-mail address

Photographic accreditations

Photographic grading

The information is use for several purposes:

1. E-mails are sent to all members on a regular basis e.g. Newsletters. These are sent bcc so as to preserve privacy. Committee members also use e-mail to undertake Committee business.

2. Web sites The HICC contains the current season’s competition results which include the Members name, accreditation and photographic grading. The Web site contact list is populated by the Committee’s generic E-mail addresses. The Web site also has a Members Gallery which is set up by the Members.

HICC also has a Flickr and a Facebook page where members can apply to participate.

3. Members Handbook supplied to Members and Sponsors, contains the names of the Committee and their generic E mail addresses’

4. External. HICC competes externally in the 3H ’s (competition with Horndean and Havant), and the “Selsey Battle” where members names and titles are included with their images. Such images are chosen with the member’s permission, conversely we receive information about the competing clubs members. Contact information for certain Committee Members are provided to the SCPF for their Handbook and Web site. To promote the club the HICC Publicity Officer will submit images to local Newsprint and Advertising Publications in order to promote the Club. Images may have the member’s name and are provided with their permission.

At the HICC annual Exhibition the images shown may have the Members name and Accreditations alongside.

5. General information displayed in the URC Hall on club nights is shown either for the member’s information or for Health & Safety reasons.

Trophy winners may have their names engraved on the trophy.

Data retention. Information relating to the Membership Application form will be retained for 3 years. HICC may retain historical archives indefinitely, for example records of some meetings e.g. AGM minutes, programmes, awards and other event results.

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