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Club Rules


The Club shall be called “Hayling Island Camera Club”. (HICC)


The object of the Club shall be the advancement of its Members in the Science and Art of Photography.


a) The Club shall meet each Monday evening (unless otherwise determined by the Committee) during the months September to May, when the proceedings shall be in accordance with a Programme circulated to all members prior to the commencement of the season.

b) The President shall conduct the proceedings or such other person as may be required to deputise in the absence of the President.

c) The start time shall be 7.00 p.m. for 7.30 p.m.

d) Guests of members will be welcome, subject to any conditions which the Committee may feel appropriate and of which members are made aware.


a) The members at each Annual General Meeting shall determine the annual subscription for the ensuing year.

b) Subscriptions so determined shall be due and payable on the first Monday in the September next following the Annual General Meeting.

c) Any member whose subscription, or any part thereof, (except as may be authorised by the Committee) is unpaid at 31st December shall be deemed to have terminated membership of the club.

d) The onus for the payment of subscriptions on the due date shall be on the member concerned.

e) Any member whose subscription is unpaid in whole or in part or whose membership is terminated, for any reason, shall cease to have any interest in the assets of the Club. Subscriptions paid shall be deemed to be non-returnable in whole or in part.


a) The Club shall be managed by a Committee comprising: -

(i) The Officers - President, Secretary, Treasurer.

(ii) Up to 10 Elected Members -1 Vice-President, 2 Competition Secretaries, 1 Programme Secretary, a Publicity Officer, Social Secretary and 2 Ordinary Members.

b) The Officers and Elected Members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting for a period of one year, at the end of which they will resign but be eligible for re-election.

c) The Vice-President is to be elected at the AGM and to hold office for one year. In the event of the President retiring before the end of his/her one –year term of office, the Vice-President shall assume the position of President for the remainder of the season, a Committee Member shall be appointed by the Committee to the position of Vice President for the remainder of the season.

d) The Committee elected at an AGM shall assume office on 1st June next following such AGM.

e) The Committee shall have the power to co-opt for any reason. Any person so co-opted shall have the right to vote in accordance with the terms of their co-option.

f) Five members of the Committee shall form a quorum.

g) The President shall preside at all Committee meetings but in his/her absence the committee shall appoint one of their number to take the chair.

h) The President (or anyone acting in their absence) shall not vote in committee except in those cases where an equal number of votes have been cast for and against a motion when the person so presiding shall have the casting vote.

i) A member of the Club may attend a Committee meeting at the invitation of the committee but shall not be entitled to vote.


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held in April or May unless any extenuating circumstances prevent it taking place, at which point the AGM will be held as determined by the Committee, and shall commence at the normal starting time of the club.

Proposals for inclusion on the Agenda must be in writing, signed by both the proposer and seconder and submitted to the Secretary not later than 4 meetings before the advertised date of the AGM. The Secretary, at the next meeting, will advise the members of such proposals. Amendments thereto must be in writing, signed by the proposer and seconder and submitted to the Secretary not later than 2 meetings before the AGM. The Secretary will issue the Agenda and Minutes of the previous AGM to embers at the meeting immediately prior to the Annual General Meeting.

The business to be transacted at the Annual General Meeting shall be: -

•  To approve the Minutes of the previous AGM and deal with any matters arising therefrom.

•  To receive a Report from the President.

•  To receive, approve and adopt the audited (examined) accounts for the year ended 31st March immediately prior to the AGM.

•  To fix the subscriptions for the ensuing year.

•  To receive the Reports of relevant committee Members.

•  To consider, and if approved, adopt resolutions properly submitted for debate.

•  To elect officers and elected members.

•  To appoint an Honorary Examiner.

The President (or anyone acting in their absence) shall not vote on any issue except in those cases where an equal number of votes have been cast for and against a motion when the person so presiding shall have the casting vote.A bona fide member unable to attend because of business or club commitments, or through illness, shall be entitled to record a vote on any proposal or amendment provided notice thereof is tendered in writing to the Secretary not later than 7 days prior to the meeting. The member concerned must sign any such vote.


A Special General Meeting may be held at any time on the written request of not less than 8 members.

The document requesting the Meeting must state the reasons therefore and be addressed to the Secretary who, being satisfied that the necessary procedure has been followed, will call a Special General meeting giving 21 days’ notice thereof to all members. The Notice of the meeting must indicate the nature of the business and the names of the sponsors.

The President (or anyone acting in their absence) shall not vote except in the event of an equal number of votes having been cast for and against a motion when the person presiding shall have the casting vote.


An external auditor shall be appointed at each Annual General Meeting. The person so appointed shall not be a member of the Committee.


In addition to termination of membership, the Committee shall have power to require the resignation of any member deemed to have committed a wilful breach of the Rules or whose conduct is, in the opinion of the Committee, injurious to the character or interest of the Club.


Club property may be used by members only with the consent of the Committee.


The Committee shall be empowered to deal with any matter for which no provision has been made in the Rules. Alterations or additions to these Rules shall only be made at an AGM or Special General Meeting duly convened for this purpose. Each member shall be given a copy of these Rules.



There will be four Print and four Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competitions in each season plus any others as the Committee shall decide.


Members will be invited to suggest possible set subjects and after vetting set subjects will be decided by public draw at the Club’s last meeting of the previous season. There will be a different subject for the Prints and Projected Digital Image. Since there is only one trophy each for Prints and PDI all entries will compete equally, regardless of the grade of the photographer. Members may submit up to 1 entry in both print and pdi or 2 Prints or 2 PDI’s.


Three Prints on a set subject and / or three Images presented on one Projected Digital Image on a different subject may be submitted by each member. Members choose their own subject. (If time does not permit for this Competition within the season’s programme it may be suspended for one season).


For the purpose of entering Prints and Projected Digital Images into Competitions each member’s work is graded, according to ability (except Beginners Grade), into either Advanced or /intermediate. A member may be in a different grade for Prints and PDI.

Members must have paid subscriptions in order to enter Competitions. On joining the Club new members who wish to enter Competitions may either enter Beginners Grade (if they have no experience) or Grade Intermediate. If the Competition Secretaries believe a 'Beginner' would flourish more in Intermediate, they will be encouraged to go straight into that Grade. If new members feel that their work is of sufficient quality to be classed as Advanced then they may submit a panel or prints and/or projected digital images to the Competition Secretaries for consideration to be classed as Advanced. A member wishing to query a grading may appeal to the Committee.


Members may submit two Prints and two Projected Digital Images in each appropriate Competition. The committee has the right to change the number of submissions and will inform members in advance of the change and the reason for the change. The entries should be marked in order of preference to enable the Competition Secretaries to withdraw the ‘least favoured’ entry from the Competition in the event of the overall entry being too great a quantity for meaningful appraisal by the judge for that Competition.


All Competition entries must be handed into the appropriate Competition Secretary not later than the meeting prior to the Competition, unless designated differently by the competition secretary. Failure to do this will result in rejection of entry.


Projected Digital Images must be sent via the designated email to the PDI Competition secretary. Entries must reach the secretary’s mail box by midnight of the closing date, as detailed in the club programme. Entries submitted or received after the deadline will not be entered into the competition. All entries should be in JPEG format and be sized  to 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high. Each JPEG image must be named with the member’s full name and Title as per the example below. Memebers are advised that the club equipment projects the images in ‘sRGB’ , so if possible save the file with this profile

For Example: Jane Smith--Iceberg. There should be two dashes between the name and title, with no spaces. The email will confirm the names of the images and the grade in which they are being submitted. They should show preference as detailed in the number of entries above.


Prints may be home or trade processed. Every Print shall bear its title, the Grade of the member and their name on the reverse, by using the stickers provided by the club. This should be placed in the top left hand side on the rear of the  mount.

Beginner’s images should be no more than A4 (210 x 297mm). Prints from all three Grades should be presented on mounts no larger than 50 x 40 cm. Where orientation may not be clear ‘TOP’ should be marked on the reverse.

All prints should be presented to the Print secretary in the provided bag. Each member will receive one in their welcome pack which can be reusable, for each print competition. This bag will comfortably take 2 mounted prints and had a label for the member to print their name.

Whilst Hayling Island Camera Club will take all reasonable care with members’ prints, the Club will not be held responsible for any damage caused whilst in their possession.”


Each grade of Print or Projected Digital Image will be judged separately in each Trophy Competition.


Marks shall be awarded out of 10 for both Print and Projected Digital Image Competitions. Certificates will be awarded for images with 9.5 or 10 and the judge will usually provide a 1st, 2nd andf 3rd place in each grade. The winner of each grade, i.e. 1st place will be shown again at the end of the judging, so that they can select the ‘Image of the Evening’.


Progression from Beginners Grade to Intermediate Grade is mandatory after competing for two full seasons or after winning the Beginners Class the previous year. Members who go into higher Grades than Beginners will not be allowed to re-enter Beginners Grade in future seasons. The purpose of this is to encourage their progress in photography and to allow other entrants in Beginners Grade a chance of winning in future seasons.


Progression from Intermediate to Advanced is generally as a result of winning the Intermediate in the previous year. In some years there may be more than one promotion or, alternatively, it may be the case that no member has progressed sufficiently to be considered for promotion to Advanced. The Competition Secretaries will recommend which member(s) should be promoted from Intermediate Grade to Advanced Grade and the Committee will ratify their recommendation.


Advanced membership will be reviewed annually by the Competition Secretaries and may result in some members being regraded from Advanced to Intermediate. By undertaking this review annually, it will ensure that Advanced remains at a high standard and provides keen competition for its members.

By further undertaking this review every three years it will enable the Competition Secretaries to take into account the fact that a member may not have been able, because of sickness or pressure of other commitments, to enter a full quota of images in the previous season.


Any image may only be submitted for the Trophy Competitions twice – this may be twice as a Projected Digital Image or twice as a Print or once as a Projected Digital Image and once as a Print. It is allowable to enter an image into a set subject competition if it has been entered twice into the trophy rounds. Any image which has been in the 'print or PDI of the year '  cannot be used in league competitions the following year.”


Trophies are awarded to the winners of both Prints and PDI’s in grades Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced

These will be awarded for the highest total mark obtained in the respective Trophy Competitions. In the event of a tie the winner will be decided from the greatest number of Certificates of Merit in the relevant Trophy Competition.

In the event of this still resulting in a tie, then the winner will be decided from the highest number of ‘Picture of the Evening’ awards in the relevant Trophy Competitions. If still a tie, then the Trophy will be held by the joint winners for equal parts of the year.

Print and Projected Digital Image of the Year: Members may enter two Prints or two Projected Digital Image or one of each of their choice, subject to those prints and PDI having been entered in a Trophy Competition during the current season (members will be advised if the number of entries fall below two to facilitate meaningful appraisal by the judge). There will be a Trophy for Beginners Print of the Year and a Trophy for Beginners Projected Digital Image of the Year. Intermediate and Advanced will be judged together and Trophies will be awarded for Print of the Year and Projected Digital Image of the Year.

A member may not enter Beginner of the Year Competition as well as Print of the Year Competition.


An Image Selection Panel will be formed to select members’ work to represent the Club in inter-club competitions. One of the Competition Secretaries will act as Chairman of this Panel and the Committee will decide upon the number of persons to sit on the panel.


All the original component images of work submitted into competition must be the exclusive work of the author. The use of copyright free images is not allowed.


Any disagreement on these Rules on the night of a competition shall be resolved by the President or Acting President.


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