Club Programme for 2023/2024 Season

Below is the club's programme. We endeavour to keep it up-to-date, but remind you it is subject to change at any time depending on various factors including last minute availability of judges or presenters, weather, or other issues.

Date Event Additional Information
4th September 2023 New Season Open Evening... Greet committee, present new programme, and set Christmas social.
11th September 2023 Speaker – Trevor Ager & Peter Hickson on using Adobe Lightroom and Snapseed, and Black & White conversion. Techniques".
18th September 2023 Members Workshop 1 – Stephen Upfield/Mike Inglis/Trevor Ager on Print Mounting and PDI Resizing, resizing, and Zip folders. Bring cameras for 2nd Half
25th September 2023 Speaker – David Boag presents "Classic Wild Landscapes.". Round 1 PDIs to be emailed in by midnight.
2nd October 2023 Competition – PDI Round 1, Gordon Brown ARPS.
9th October 2023 Speaker – Gordon Small BPE presents "Wild Scotland". Round 1 Prints to be handed in by tonight.
16th October 2023 Competition – Print Round 1, Judge Dr Barry Senior Hon FRPS APAGB.
23rd October 2023 Walkabout: Debbie McIlroy / Trevor Ager. Astro photography (weather permitting) or light painting in the hall.
30th October 2023 Speaker – Joe Houghton presents "Processing a Night Shot".
6th November 2023 Speaker – Andy Newbold (Newbold PR and Media) presents "Tales of a Fulltime Flasher". Round 2 PDIs to be emailed in by midnight.
13th November 2023 Competition – PDI Round 2, Judge Ken Scott ARPS APAGB.
20th November 2023 Speaker – Robert Harvey BA ARPS EFIAP presents "Small is Beautiful".
27th November 2023 Members Workshop 2 - Portraiture with Trevor. This will be a pre-cursor to Karen's visit on the 11th Dec. Be sure to bring your cameras! Round 2 Prints to be handed in by tonight.
Please bring in wrapped Christmas raffle prizes by 11th December.
4th December 2023 Competition – Print Round 2, Judge Paul O'Toole.
11th December 2023 Members Workshop 3 - Topics to include looking at borders, image resizing, and setting up a three-of-a-theme panel for PDI, as well as a Photoshop basics session if time. Reminder: Christmas social next week.
Round 3 PDI's to be emailed in by 8th January 2024.
18th December 2023 Christmas Social.
Venue & cost TBA.
8th January 2024 Karen Horne – Portraiture practical (rescheduled). Bring your camera! Round 3 PDIs to be emailed in by midnight.
15th January 2024 Competition – PDI Round 3, Judge John Randall. Three of a Theme prints and PDI's should be in by next week, 22nd of January.
22nd January 2024 Speaker – Chris Ceaser presents "Composition within Landscape Photography".
29th January 2024 Competition - Three of a Theme, Judge Chris Dixon ARPS.
5th February 2024 Member Workshop 4 ‐ TBA.
12th February 2024 Speaker – Mike Cullis ARPS DPAGB, "Falkland Islands Adventure". Round 3 Prints to be handed in tonight.
19th February 2024 Competition – Round 3 Prints, Judge Jim Pascoe (Hons) ARPS ABIPP
26th February 2024 Speaker – Richard Veitch BA BSc (Hons) CEng MIET – Kruger Park – Summer in December, "Music" Set subject prints to be handed in and PDIs to be emailed by midnight.
4th March 2024 Set Subject Competition ‐ Judge Steve Kirkby CPAGB/AV.
Subjects: PDI - Childhood. Prints - Humour.
11th March 2024 Speaker – Andrew Mills MA Med CertEd – Take one for yourself & One for the competition.
18th March 2024 3 HHHs Competition at HICC, Judge Pietro Rocchiccioli BA (Hons) Photo DPABG EFIAP/b.
25th March 2024 The Selsey Battle at Selsey Club. Judge Tony Baverstock.

For those not attending Selsey, there will be a practical evening at the URC hall in Hayling.
PDI's for round 4 to be emailed by midnight.
1st April 2024 Bank Holiday – No Club.
8th April 2024 Competition – PDI Round 4, Judge Mike Warren ARPS CPAGB.
15th April 2024 Speaker – Stephen Ball – Scotland – Behind the Lens Prints for Round 4 to be handed in by tonight.
22nd April 2024 Competition – Print Round 4, Judge Keith Newton LRPS.
29th April 2024 Annual General Meeting (AGM). Print of the Year Prints to be handed in and PDI of the Year to be emailed in by tonight.
13th May 2024 Print & PDIs of the Year Compeition. Judge Chris Hutchinson.
20th May 2024 President's Choice and Prize Giving. End of season – next week is a Bank Holiday. Evening programme to be finalised.

Please click here to see the previous 2022/2023 season programme.