Updated: 31st October 2022

Firstly, edit your image the way you like it. This includes adding any stroke lines and borders. This should be done as part of the main editing, so that you don't resize it then make it bigger afterwards!

All layers should be flattened.

Next, resize the image so that regardless of whether it is a landscape or portrait orientation, the size should be no more than 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high.

The file should be saved as a .jpg or .jpeg file, and the name should just be the image title - note that your name is no longer required as part of the filename. Create a folder which is called your name. Add the files to it and compress the folder to a ZIP file.

Email this ZIP file to: pdi_secretary@haylingislandcameraclub.co.uk before the required entry date (please see "Additional Information" column on our "Programme" page).


A more graphical explanation may be found here for Windows:

And here for Mac: